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AttackSense ShooterID

Every shooter wants to improve their skills and technique, either in terms of accuracy, reaction time or in more advanced drills such as weapon changes and jam recovery. Statistics are key to tracking performance gains and to provide encouragement that a shooter is progressing in the right direction. This is especially true when a shooter can can compare their performance relatively to other shooters in a similar environment. AttackSense ShooterID provides a mechanism to allow large numbers of shooters using a range to quickly and easily identify themselves over repeat visits, allowing all range time to be recorded against the individual. This means that performance can be securely tracked against an individual shooter over time, allowing visibility of performance gains over time on busy ranges. Using ShooterID, a shooter signs into a range by simply scanning their code into the tablet on their first run in a session, then for subsequent runs they simply select their name from a list of shooters for that session. Only shooters logged in to a given session are shown out of the total users that may be known on the system, tracking potentially thousands of users on any one range. Shooter performances are tracked both individually for every shooter, and in league tables for each scenario. This provides automatic leaderboards that allow ranges to incentivise visitors and provide regular competitions to encourage improvement and repeat visits.

Shooter ID2.png

The Big Screen system allows rankings and real-time performance to be viewed in the range Safe Zone, providing up to the minute visibility of leaderboards.


As a round is active, the shooter performance can be seen in real-time with running scores and hit ratio, and when the round completes, the shooter is ranked on the leaderboard and can see their current position as well as the improvement gains in their most recent run.

ShooterID Cloud

With ShooterID Cloud, ranges can upload shooters, run history, and leaderboards to AttackSense servers where data is stored securely for each range and shooter. This provides access to range data both for the range operator and for individual shooters, providing in-depth round analysis and visibility of relative leaderboard positions while away from the range. For range operators, this allows retrospective analysis of run performance by staff without occupying valuable range time, and for shooters this gives an ability to keep tabs on cherished leaderboard positions. Ranges do not need to be permanently connected to the Internet, as data is cached local to the system and uploaded as soon as the AttackSense Commander tablet is connected to an Internet network.

Shooter ID 3.png

With the ShooterID App available for IOS and Android, shooters can easily enrol into AttackSense systems and view previous performance and leaderboard positions.

Data is collected from the ShooterID cloud securely, and as a shooter visits multiple ShooterID cloud enabled ranges they can enrol into each range and see visits across multiple ranges, while range operators see only shooter performances at their own range.

Leaderboard positions are tracked daily, weekly, monthly and yearly for different scenarios separately, and shooters can view individual round histories or track their overall performance away from the range.

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